Statement from Michael Blake applauding the Members of Congress boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump

January 19, 2017

I applaud the Members of Congress who have decided to boycott the inauguration of Donald Trump given his divisive rhetoric. While President Obama completes his final full day in office with class, grace and seeking to unite Americans, the President-Elect needs to display more respect and humility for being given the incredible honor of the office. To attend his inauguration would contribute to the normalization of his racist, bigoted, misogynist and fascist rhetoric. The members of the Congressional Black Caucus, comprised of leaders such as the Civil Rights legend Rep. John Lewis, and other elected officials such as our own Congressman Jose Serrano understand that such rhetoric does not serve the American people or their interests well and is a threat to the foundations of our democracy.

With the lowest approval number of any President-Elect in recent history, and the lack of a mandate through popular election, President-Elect Trump must realize that his agenda is not the will of the majority. I implore Mr. Trump to put an end to and apologize for his hateful rhetoric and begin his administration by improving the health and welfare of the American people, not eroding it.





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