Statement from Assemblymember Michael A. Blake on President Obama’s Farewell Address

January 12, 2017

As we process the final days of President Obama’s administration and the profound wisdom he delivered to us during his farewell address, we should reflect on the monumental impact that his presidency has had on our country. President Obama’s exceptional service transformed the lives of countless Americans and as the first African-American President, he will always be a symbol of what is possible in this country. The President’s tireless efforts to aid disadvantaged people through the creation of The Affordable Care Act, his stewardship of a record 75 months of continuous job growth, and the creation of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative to support boys and young men of color, illustrate his dedication to building a brighter future for this nation.

The Presidency of Barack Obama has had a profound effect on me both personally and professionally. Mr. President, since I had the opportunity to join the Yes We Can training program almost 11 years ago, your passion and willingness to hope in the face of all odds has been truly inspirational. In the darkest moments over the past 8 years, you were there to remind us that there is more that unites us than divides us. That's what makes our nation exceptional is our constant pursuit of our ideals of freedom, liberty, tolerance, and prosperity for all. It’s now our turn to write the next verse in the chorus of history, to defend the progress we have made and continue to push forward to reach new goals and ensure prosperity for all Americans.


Michael Blake and President Barack Obama 


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